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Having established himself as a Medium very quickly, Mick has a fast growing calendar of dates for his demonstrations. He needed a website capable of displaying his Demonstrations so people can easy find where they can next see him, and also include a contact page so enquiries and  general messages can easily be received.

This is a template I have designed for people in the Arts, who require a ‘CV’ style website. This is a simple but effective one-page design with an easily customisable and modern feel. This includes links to all external profiles related to the arts industries, embedded showreel video, image gallery for still images, and also contact section which includes details of representation.

The Reel Editor

The Reel Editor is a showreel editing service for actors. Their site requires the functionality for customers to submit specifications and footage to be used in their showreel, which is done through a form submission (footage is uploaded externally however). They also required a payments taking service, a blog and a gallery of their previous customers showreel.

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